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The short and long of it is, the TiVo Mini is an easy and affordable way to get TiVo on a second screen. With it you can watch live TV and streaming content when you want, and in any room you want, without having to purchase an additional TiVo.

The TiVo Mini comes with a standard remote [including batteries] and an HDMI cable. Its Broadcom BCM7418 performance is fast, allowing for quick browsing of remotely located content.

Pros: You can add a whole-home solution on the cheap when coupled with a Roamio Plus, Roamio Pro, Premiere 4 or Premiere XL4.

Cons: It does not support Wi-Fi. The TiVo Mini requires the use of an ethernet cable, coax cable, or, if your modem and/or router are not MoCA-enabled [Multimedia over Coax Alliance], a router and adapter. Requires a four-tuner TiVo to set up. Assigning a tuner for live TV means there is one less tuner for recording.

It assigns a tuner for live TV which means one less tuner for recording.

TiVo Mini Review

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