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Chicago Wants A Piece Of The Streaming Pie

  Streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime are popular services and Chicago wants a piece of the streaming pie. On September 1st Chicago's new "cloud tax" went into effect. The tax is an expansion of the 9% Amusement Tax, which has traditionally been tacked onto tickets for concerts and sporting

Verizon To Offer A La Carte TV Service

  The CEO's of all the pay TV providers would have everyone thinking cord cutting is not a problem. In May, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said, "Do we actually think that there's massive cord cutting going on? No. I think the numbers don't suggest that." In August, Cablevision CEO James Dolan

Fullscreen Announces Streaming Service

  YouTube multichannel network Fullscreen Announces Streaming Service marketed to the YouTube generation. The news was announced by Fullscreen Founder and CEO George Strompolos Wednesday morning. The post explains that "a new premium entertainment service" will target "youth audiences ... who grew up online and live on their mobile devices." Details on the