What is ATSC TV?
ATSC, or Advanced Television Systems Committee, is an ATSC TV tuner allowing reception of over-the-air [OTA] digital television channels transmitted by television stations. ATSC TV tuners are integrated into television sets, digital video recorders [DVR], personal video recorders [PVR] and set-top boxes. Also available are television tuner cards for use with personal computers. An over-the-air high definition [HDTV] antenna is required to receive over-the-air digital ATSC TV channels.

What is a cord cutter?
The Oxford dictionary describes a cord cutter as, “a person who cancels or forgoes a pay television subscription.” Cord cutters cancel their pay television subscription for a variety of reasons. The most common is they are tired of paying cable & satellite providers hundreds of dollars each month for channels they don’t want or don’t watch, and have moved to receiving programming via a tuner integrated into their television set, an ATSC TV DVR or ATSC TV PVR, smartphones, tablets, computers and streaming devices such as Roku.

What We Do
ATSC TV Product Reviews & Information provides cord cutters with ATSC TV Product Reviews & Information on the products available to receive free digital over-the-air programming, as well as reviews & information on streaming devices and streaming services like Amazon Prime & Netflix.

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